Da Jia Hao!! (Hello everyone!!) I’m excited to bring you all to a new continent as we’re heading to Asia today! Nowhere else could be a better choice than this country as it possesses one of the World’s most richest culture and history.Yes, as you might have guessed we’re going to China! And my one of my most favourite cities in China is Hangzhou!

Hangzhou, in my opinion, is one of the most picturesque historical towns in China. Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province which is located in Southeast of China and is only one hour by train from Shanghai.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Welcome to a 2 days 1 night trip to Hangzhou where I’m going to take you to all the best places in Hangzhou (including seeing the 3 most popular performances in Hangzhou and trying the 3 most well-known traditional Hangzhou dishes)

Here is a quick itinerary:

  • Day 1: West Lake >> Song Dynasty Town >> Dine at ‘the Grandma’s’ >> Night of The West Lake Show
  • Day 2: Ling Yin Temple >> He Fang Street >> Prince Bay National Park >> Impression West Lake Show

Day 1

1. West Lake (西湖, Xi hu)

The first thing to do in Hangzhou is to go explore West Lake (西湖, Xi hu). You can either do this by bike or by foot. This should take you around 1-2 hours. The lake runs through the very centre of the city and is no.1 not-to-be-missed attraction in Hangzhou.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

The landscape of West Lake has also been registered as the World Heritage.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

This is because from every part of the lake you will get an alternate yet breathtaking views of the lake. This includes this view of Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰塔, Lei Feng Ta)..
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China There are also many interesting spots around the lake so don’t forget to look around and feel free to stop around each spot.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China


This theme park will bring you back in time to the period of Song dynasty era (many hundreds years ago).Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China
This theme park has many various attractions there are many things to do at this park and you can expect to spend at least 3-4 hours/ half a day here.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

My favourites include the haunted house, puzzle town, mirror maze, 3D wall painting gallery, hilltop temple and the main indoor performance “The Romance of the Song Dynasty”.

3D wallpainting gallery
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

One of the attractions in the Puzzle town..
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China Buddha statues in the hilltop temple
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

“The Romance of the Song Dynasty” show (宋城千古情, Song Cheng Qian Gu Qing)
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China It is a one-hour-long show with many special effects..
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China There are many shocking and surprising moments in this show so make sure to look at the ceiling and even from behind the back of the hall from time to time.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

And don’t forget to try Chinese traditional snack Tang Hu Lu (糖葫芦, Tang hu lu) which is sugarcoated fruits on stick and it tastes much better than I expected.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China


The Grandma’s or Wai Po Jia, is one of the most well-known restaurant in Hangzhou.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

It serves one of the famous traditional Hangzhou dish ‘West Lake vinegar fish’ (西湖醋鱼, Xi hu cu yu). It is very rare to find good restaurants to make this particular dish as this authentic these days.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Other menus like this cauliflower dish also tastes great and prices here are very reasonable.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

A quick snap before leaving the restaurantHangzhou | Zhejiang | China


Night of West Lake Show is one of the top 3 shows in Hangzhou, the first one being the ‘Romance of Song Dynasty’ in Song Dynasty Town and the other one which we will watch tomorrow night. Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China The show includes everything from airborne sword fighting,
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

gymnastics and acrobats show..Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China whilst showcases a number of Chinese customs and cultures..
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China A short Buddha story
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Chinese traditional dressesHangzhou | Zhejiang | China
Egyptian part of the show
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China



First things first come here early in the morning to avoid the crowd. Ling Yin Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Hangzhou. Thousands of locals and tourists visit here on a daily basis.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Inside the temple area there are many small hills and forests so you can expect to be walking up and down stairs for a bit.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

The most notable spot here is these Buddhist statues on carved on these cliff-side.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Walking through the temple is a very good experience itself.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China The area and environment is very calm and peaceful for your mind, body and soul.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Don’t forget to spend a little moment to appreciate little details and thoughts going through the design of this temple.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China


About 20 minutes bus back to the city centre from Ling Yin temple, He Fang street is one of the most popular shopping streets in Hangzhou. It has everything from foods/snacks/drinks stalls, souvenir shops, clothing stores, restaurants and café.

The street is considerably long (you don’t have to walk all the way if you don’t want to). You can expect to spend 1-2 hours here (including shopping time).

Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China Fat Buddha statue at the beginning of the street which is the landmark here.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China Another two notable dishes of Hangzhou,  Braised Dongpo Pork (东坡肉, Dong Po Rou) and Beggar’s Chicken (叫化鸡, Jiao Hua Ji) (Most restaurants on this street here do serve them).
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China


From He Fang Street, go back towards West Lake and start from there again From West Lake you can either bike here (10 minutes) or walk here (15-20 minutes) .

Statue of Su Shi a very talented Chinese writer and poet near West Lake. Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Biking towards the park I saw this bridge. The water reflection is so perfect I couldn’t help but to take a picture of it to share with you guys.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China
First sight of the park.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China
Water here is so clean many family and friends come here for picnic and quick swim.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China


Here comes our grand finale, we end our trip by watching the ‘Impression West Lake’ show. The main stage is the whole lake itself and performers perform in the middle of the lake using different underwater platforms and small boats.

The lighting, the music and other special effects make use of the whole surroundings make everything so perfect. The performance tells a story of the legend of the White Lady Snake and Xu Xian which is a very famous traditional Chinese love tale.

Me at the entrance.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

Make sure to look both sides as there is something happening every moments.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

The whole lake and its surrounding are the stage.Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

One of the many beautiful moments.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

The stages and props keep popping up and down/moving from sides to sides and many other special effects will definitely keep you entertain.
Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China

All in all it was an unforgettable 2 days trip experience. I would like to show my appreciation and  say a massive THANK YOU to my amazing friends Alice who helped me plan everything, SherryBlack (his ultimate codename) who’s living in Hangzhou and Lowry my awesome friend from Stanford who joined us on the second day and made the experience even better!!

Thanks for reading and following my blog,  I really appreciate your support! Until next time.. Happy adventure everyone!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Hangzhou | Zhejiang | China