One of the my favourite cities in Eastern Europe is the capital city of Czech Republic, the magical city of Prague (or Praha in Czech)!

Prague is still much underrated as Czech Republic is a fairly “new” country as it has just recently split from Czechoslovakia in 1993 hence why the number of tourists are still low compared to other major countries in Europe.

Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Although Prague is not a huge city there are so much to do/to see so I would recommend a good 2 days to at least enjoy the main parts of this beautiful city. Welcome to this 2 days 2 nights trip to Prague where you can enjoy and get a quick taste of Czech culture.

Our itinerary:

  • Day 1: Old Town Square >> Astronomial Clock Tower  >> Charles Bridge >> Prague River Cruise
  • Day 2: Petřín Lookout Tower and Petřín Gardens (Petřínské sady) >> Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and St. Vitus Cathedral >> Charles Bridge (yes, again!)

Get Set.. Ready.. and here we go…!!



The very first place I suggest you to visit is the Old Town Square. It is a good starting point as it is at the very centre of the city where most of the shops/stalls and many top attractions are located.

Prague Old Town SquarePrague (Praha) | Czech Republic


The Astronomial Clock Tower at the Old Town Square is one of the best viewing points in Prague as you can get the 360-degree panoramic view of the whole town. You can go up there via elevator so it doesn’t require much effort :P.

Also every hour when the clock hits the new hour the figures/little statues on the clock tower move and sing you a song!

Me on the top of Astronomial Clock TowerPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Some quick polaroids with my travel buddies at the top of the towerPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic


Charles Bridge is the most famous bridge in Prague and is one of the top tourist attractions here. It crosses Vltava river which runs through the city providing one of the views on both sides of the bridge.

Me at Charles BridgePrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Charles Bridge and Vltava RiverPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Some more polaroids at Charles BridgePrague (Praha) | Czech Republic


There are many restaurants around Charles Bridge or just walk back to the Old Town Square (5-10 minutes walk) and try local foods along the way for lunch.

Czech Seafood platter at Vytopna restaurant at the town centre
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Try Czech pastry at Krusta Artisan Bakery nearby the Charles BridgePrague (Praha) | Czech Republic


Another popular tourist attraction here in Prague is to go on an evening river cruise along the Vltava River whilst enjoying the sunset. The boating dock is not far from Charles Bridge and there are many companies running this service all are equally good.

River cruise along the Vlatva River Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

The view along the boating dock area after we finished the cruisePrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

It should be around 8-10pm by now (depending on the time when you decide to go on the cruise) but most of the shops are closed so you can either explore around the town centre for a bit more for the views or return to the hotel to rest.


1. PETŘÍN LOOKOUT TOWER (Petřínské sady)

Start off your day coming to the Petřín Lookout Tower on the top of a small hill you can either choose to walk up (10-15 minutes) or take a small tram ride with a small fees.

Small hike up the hill to Petřín Tower
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Petřín Lookout TowerPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

View from the top of the Petřín tower
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Once you’re done, come down the tower and look out for the sign which leads to Prague Castle which is our next destination.

Down the hill towards Prague Castle
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

2. PETŘÍN Gardens

Follow the road from the Petřín Tower which leads to Prague Castle, you’ll be walking through Petřín Gardens

Petřín Gardens and Prague Castle Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

3. Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and St. Vitus CathedraL

Prague Castle is one of the must-visit places in Prague. The main highlight of the the castle area is the St. Vitus cathedral as well as some other small museums and shops around the area. You should expect to spend at least 2-3 hours here.

At the main entrance of Prague CastlePrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

St. Vitus CathedralPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Inside the St. Vitus CathedralPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

I recommend you to climb up to the top of St. Vitus Cathedral to get a better view of Prague. Beware: the tower is 287 steps tall you have to walk up all the way but you’ll get a free medal in the end as a souvenir also!

Me at the top of St. Vitus CathedralPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

The view from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

After you finish visiting St. Vitus Cathedral I suggest you to walk around the castle area to visit other small museums and shops .

Interior of one of the museums inside the castle area
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Fridge magnets -popular souvenirs sold in one of the souvenir shops inside the castle areaPrague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Once you’re done with Prague Castle, head back to Charles Bridge to watch the sunset & spend your evening there.

4. Charles Bridge (AGAIN)

It’ll be a short walk of about 10-15 minutes walk from Prague Castle to reach Charles Bridge.

People gathering at the Charles Bridge area to enjoy the evening sunset
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

Me at Charles Bridge Prague (Praha) | Czech RepublicCharles Bridge after the sunset
Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic

And this concludes our 2 days 2 nights trip in Prague! Thank you for your interest in my blog. I hope you enjoy the post as much as I do writing it!

Until next time.. stay awesome and keep exploring the world!!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Prague (Praha) | Czech Republic