One most beautiful cities in Central Europe, the capital of Austria – the magnificent city of Vienna (Wien) is one of my favourite cities in Europe as it is beautifully rich in art and culture. Moreover, Austria also shares boarders with other 8 countries making Vienna one of the top cities to visit and a stop-by destination in Europe.

Vienna (Wien) | Austria

A good one or two days is necessary to visit the main attractions of Vienna. You can complete the list in one day like I did depending on how long you would like to spend visiting each place especially the museums.

Since we’ll be spending only one day (and one night) here in Vienna, let’s waste no more time… let’s go!!

1. Schönbrunn Palace (Schloß Schönbrunn)

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most prominent landmarks of Vienna. It is located further away from the city centre to the Southwest of the city. There is a direct underground train here to Schönbrunn station.

I must say that this place is HUGE. There is the main palace which is a museum showcases amazing amazing interior and furniture (no photos allowed inside unfortunately) and is a must-do so if you’re short of time I recommend to choose to do only the palace only.

Me at the Schönbrunn Palace main gateVienna (Wien) | Austria

Schönbrunn Palace main palace
Vienna (Wien) | Austria

The backyard area of the Schönbrunn PalaceVienna (Wien) | Austria

There are also other maze gardens, flower gardens, pavilions and many other small hills around the castle area. I recommend to give 1 hour for the main palace museum and  2-3 hours for other things at the least.

The garden, the fountain and the gloriette on top of the hill at the back of the palace.
Vienna (Wien) | AustriaUpclose view of the gloriette
Vienna (Wien) | Austria


These two museums are totally optional and open for you to decide as both require a bit of entrance fees. The two museums are across each other yet their contents are so different as the name suggested. My recommendation would be to go what you prefer, Kunsthistorishches Museum contains various paintings and statues while Naturhistorishches Museum displays numbers of animal skeletons and bodies.

Kunsthistorishches MuseumVienna (Wien) | Austria

Me and the Kunsthistorisches MuseumVienna (Wien) | Austria

At the backyard of Naturhistorisches MuseumVienna (Wien) | Austria

Along the same road from the museums walk for about 15-20 minutes you’ll reach this beautiful Votive church right in the middle of the cityVienna (Wien) | Austria


Rathaus is basically  town hall in German-speaking countries. They look so much different in each country yet so beautifully done. It is worth the time to come here if you appreciate architecture and building designs. It is another can’t-miss landmark of Vienna. You can reach here via Rathaus underground station.

The RathausVienna (Wien) | Austria


Now walk for about 10 minutes towards our next destination in Stephansplatz underground station which is where one of the major cathedrals St. Stephen of Vienna is located,  you’ll pass this interesting yellow fog area along the way, it is worth to stop by. The fog comes every 30 seconds and lasts for another 30 seconds.

Yellow Fog by Olafur EliassonVienna (Wien) | Austria


Located in Stephansplatz square, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the top tourist attractions in Vienna due to its amazing design especially the interiors. Unfortunately it was closed by the time I got there in the evening so I don’t have any pictures inside so please do Google it if you’re interested.

St. Stephen’s CathedralVienna (Wien) | Austria


A perfect way to end your evening is to come to one of the biggest public parks in Vienna. It is at the Praterstern Bf Underground station. It has Madame Tussauds wax museum and the Vienna ferris wheel (Wiener Riesenrad) at the entrance of the amusement park. It has many rides and activities to do such as roller coasters, haunted house and much more. The park opens 24 hours, Madame Tussauds last entry at 5pm/6pm and most of the rides in amusement parks open until midnight!

Me in front of Wiener RiesenradVienna (Wien) | Austria

Me at Bumper-cars station
Vienna (Wien) | Austria

Me after a water roller coaster ride #happy xDVienna (Wien) | Austria

I you’re looking for something to fill you up there are a number of cafés and restaurants around the park so no need to worry :)!

All in all, one day in Vienna has been an experience for me! I absolutely recommend you to come visit this beautiful city! However, Vienna is not the only my favourite city in Austria. About 3 hours away (direct train) from Vienna locates one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the UNESCO World Heritage village of Hallstatt surrounded by the Hallstatt lake and the Dachstein mountain range. I know 3 hours is quite a long time but I can guarantee that it’s totally worth it!

That’s all for today guys and girls, I’ll see you again with new and exciting amazing destination next week! Stay awesome!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Vienna (Wien) | Austria