This small village of Hallstatt in upper Austria is hidden away from this world by the surrounding mountain range and Hallstätter See (Hallstatt Lake).Today we are going to discover this hidden gem in central Europe. Even though this place is a part of UNESCO World heritage, it is way underrated and many explorers still have yet to discover this magical place.

It can only be reached via 20 minutes on small boat from Hallstatt train station. (Hallstatt train station is about 3 hours away from Vienna and 1 hour from Salzburg by bus/train.)

Hallstatt is an ideal destination for nature and outdoor sports lovers, you can do everything from fishing, boating, rowing,  hiking, trekking and much more. A perfect day trip destination that absolutely can’t be missed for those who are around Austria or Central Europe!Hallstatt | Austria


The boating dock is only 5 minutes walk away from Hallstatt train station. There are two boats running back and forth across the lake which runs every 10-15 minutes.Hallstatt | Austria

First view of Hallstatt from the boat
Hallstatt | Austria

Once you reach Hallstatt start walking around, this village is so small that it only takes 1-2 hours to walk from the top to the end of the village.

Panoramic view of Hallstatt Lake from the villageHallstatt | Austria

Tips: If you need the toilets while in Hallstatt, simply go into one of the many hotels and ask them nicely they’re more than happy to let you use them.

One of the hotels ‘private swimming pool’ which is the entire Hallstatt lake itself!
Hallstatt | Austria


The best view you can get of Hallstatt (in my opinion) is from the hilltop on the viewing platform which you can get there by small trams (5 minutes) or you can either choose to walk up there (there is a proper trekking trail for those who love to do so, FYI, it is about a 40 minutes – 1 hour trek and the trail is not to steep). However, we chose to take the tram up the hill and trek back down to the village.

Tram to the hilltop
Hallstatt | Austria

The tram takes you to the very top which is only 1 minute walk away from the viewing platform.

Entrance to the viewing platform (it only gets better from here!)
Hallstatt | Austria

The World Heritage View of HallstattHallstatt | Austria

From the viewing platform you can keep on walking towards the mountain. Even though there is a dead-end at the very top but it’s a really nice walk through the trees and there is a very nice river stream and waterfall area as well.

Me enjoying the view and the snowHallstatt | Austria
The trail towards mountain topHallstatt | Austria

Simply follow where this guy is pointing and you will never get lost ever again!Hallstatt | Austria


Once you’re done it’s time to return to the village, I suggest you to hike down as it’s a really nice walk and the view along the way definitely makes it worth your while!

Me deciding whether to hike or take the tram returning to the village
Hallstatt | Austria

Me being energetic at the beginning of the hike
Hallstatt | Austria View of Hallstatt Village from the bottom of the hill
Hallstatt | Austria

Me after 40 minutes hike (I wasn’t that tired I swear :P)
Hallstatt | Austria

Hallstatt burger, the first shop you’ll see once you arrive at the village from the hillHallstatt | Austria

4. Hallstätter SEE (LAKE) BOAT RIDE

Another popular activity in Hallstatt is to go on a boat ride (yes you get to control it yourself!). They have both the wooden rowing boats and the electrical one so pick the one you prefer.

On the boat chilling
Hallstatt | Austria

Checking out my Polaroid shots I took few minutes ago
Hallstatt | Austria

Once you’re done with the boat ride walk for another 10-15 minutes to the very east side of the village where you can get a beautiful view of the Hallstatt church which stands out from the rest of the village.

The most famous landmark of Hallstatt
Hallstatt | Austria

It should be 4-5 pm by this time,  if you’re heading back please do check the boat time carefully as the last one leaving Hallstatt village to the train station is around 6.30 pm – 7 pm. If you’re staying the night here then please enjoy the rest of your evening walking around and explore more of the village.

This concludes our adventure for today! I hope you find the post enjoyable and useful!

Until next time! Happy adventure everyone! 😀

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Hallstatt | Austria