Neuschwanstein castle has reigned many of ‘the world’s most beautiful castles’ lists and today we’re going to see why!

Neuschwanstein castle is beautiful and magical to the extent that Mr. Waltz Disney took it as an inspiration for his Disney castles (the Sleeping beauty castle and Cinderella castle in Disneyland). This castle is located at the very south of Germany next to the Austrian boarder. Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

The most common way is to come to Füssen and take a 30-minute bus ride from there to the castle (there are buses every half an hour or so). Füssen is approximately 2 hours by bus/train towards the south of Munich.


Füssen is considerably small in my opinion so you can spend 1 day or 2 days at most here. I suggest you to arrive early in the morning (7 am-9 am) to enjoy the sunrise and to avoid the crowd.

There are some lockers/ bag storage areas for backpackers or those who are not planning to stay over night so no need to worry about carry them around. The storage area is only 5-10 minutes walk from the station (keep going straight and follow the sign).

Me arriving at Füssen train station at 7:55 am from Munich
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany


Once you’ve sorted out your luggage down, grab some breakfasts at local stores/café and you’re ready to go, return to the train station as you have to take the bus from there (note at the picture above you can see a bus on the right hand side of the picture, that’s the bus to the castle!).

The bus will take you to the ticket office at the bottom of the hill of the castle. The queue for the entrance tickets can be quite long hence I suggested you to come to the castle first before even exploring Füssen. Also the you can only go inside the castle with the walking tour guide in specified time slots (every 30 minutes).

Follow this sign at the bus stop to the ticket officeNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

The castle is on the top of the hill and you have two options to go up there by foot (around 30-40 minutes hike) or horse carriage which takes around 15-20 minutes (Uphill: € 6,00 Downhill: € 3,00).

I chose the horse carriage because I’m lazy 😛Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

View along the ride Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Me at the entrance of the castle
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

The view from the castle entranceNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany


Remember you can only go inside at your allocated time slot so you should have 20-45 minutes of time to kill so feel free to walk around.

Side wing of the castleNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Me inside the castle areaNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | GermanyOnce you get in unfortunately no photos are allowed but I would recommend to go inside as the interiors are incredible especially the throne room. However, some views outside can be taken during the tour.

Queen Mary’s Bridge, the most famous viewing spot of the castle which we’ll go there later
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

A 3-D model of the castle
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

The balcony of Neuschwanstein castleNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany


After you finish the castle tour, simply from the castle entrance walk to the far right side of the castle or follow the sign and you’ll see a small path up the hill which will lead you to Queen Mary’s Bridge. The bridge provides the best scenic spot of the Neuschwanstein castle so make sure to not miss it!

Follow the path which goes to the back of the castle up the hillNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

View from the hike which overlooks the famous Alpsee lake and Hohenschwangau castleNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

A waterfall under the bridge Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle from Queen Mary’s BridgeNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Once you’re finally done enjoying this breathtaking view Neuschwanstein castle it’s time to head back down and you can either do this by foot 20-30 minutes or a bit faster by the horse carriage for € 3,00.

5. Hohenschwangau castle AND ALPSEE LAKE

The first thing you’ll see once you arrive downhill is the Hohenschwangau castle. Most people will only be taking pictures of this castle from far away and not going in as it’s not as popular as Neuschwanstein castle.

Hohenschwangau castleNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Then follow the sign towards the left to the lake area. The lake is very nice and clean. It has many restaurants around so many people will have lunch / picnic here especially on a nice sunny day.

Me at the Alpsee lake
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Panoramic view of the Alpsee lake and Hohenschwangau castle
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

After this take the bus back to Füssen (bus runs every 30 minutes and the bus stop is just opposite from the one you got off).

6. Füssen Aldstat (OLD TOWN) AND LECH LAKE

After you arrive back in Füssen simply follow the sign and walk towards the town centre which they call it the old town area (Aldstat) and it is the most lively area  in town. There are many souvenir shops/ restaurants/café all around. Feel free to spend your the rest of your afternoon/ evening here exploring the town. The town is quite small so everywhere is in walking distance.

Altstadt von Fuessen (Füssen Old Town)
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Small streets in the Old Town areaNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Only few minutes from the Old Town located Lech River which comes all the way from the Alps and runs through the city centre! The river area is very nice and quiet perfect place to avoid the crowd.

A path from the Old Town to the river areaNeuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Panoramic view of Lech River
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

The view of the town area from Lech River
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Lech River and its small beach
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

Aslan the golden retriever and his owner chilling at Lech River
Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany

And that’s that, it should be very late afternoon/ evening by now so feel free to walk around exploring Füssen a little further if you’re staying over night or starting to head back towards the train station if you’re heading somewhere else. The train station is about 20 minutes walk away from the river by the way so please keep track of time so you don’t miss your train.

I hope you enjoy the post and find it fun and useful ! 🙂 and until next time.. Happy adventure everyone!

All the best,

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Neuschwanstein Castle | Füssen | Germany