With countless streams of rivers running peacefully throughout the town, Bruges is simply a gorgeous medieval town in a fairytale. This magical village can be reached by an hour train ride from Brussels.

If you love cathedrals, rivers, windmills and Belgian chocolate this town is perfect for you! Although there aren’t any main top attractions, I recommend you should expect to spend half a day to one day here enjoying the calm atmosphere and the city itself.

Bruges (Brugge) | Belgium


Not much explanation is required here, since the town is very small everything is pretty much within a walking distance between each other. And since there aren’t many roads it is easy to make your way towards the city centre (that’s where the main town square and that’s where it’s most lively.)

Streets in Bruges
Bruges (Brugge) | Belgium

2. The Church of Our Lady (ONZE-LIEVE-VROUWEKERK)

This is one of the landmark of Bruges it’s super super tall which means it can be seen from far away. You can use this as the main reference on your way to the town centre and you’ll never get lost 🙂

Bruges (Brugge) | Belgium

The Church of Our Lady and the street and the river of BrugesBruges (Brugge) | Belgium

3. Bruges Market Square 

This is where all the crowds gather (as other parts of the town is very very quiet). You can find all the restaurants and souvenir/ chocolate shops here as well.
One of the architectures in Bruges Market SquareBruges (Brugge) | Belgium


As mentioned, almost everywhere you go in Bruges you will come across to a stream of river running in front of you. It’s basically the landmark of Bruges. Boat tours are also popular here as they take you all around the main attractions within an hour or so.

One of the rivers in Bruges
Bruges (Brugge) | Belgium

Boat tour in Bruges

Bruges (Brugge) | Belgium

All in all, Bruges is an ideal destination for those who love strolling along the river in a medieval fairytale-liked town whilst enjoying the Belgian culture, atmosphere and chocolate!

Happy exploring!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)
Bruges (Brugge) | Belgium