Belgium, the origin place of my favourite food in the world – WAFFLES!! It is also the home to world’s most famous chocolate brands such as Godiva and Neuhaus. xD Today we’re going to the capital Brussels which is only over an hour away from Paris by train.

Brussels is quite a big city so I suggest you to spend at at least two days here to get the most out of your visit. Most places are reachable via undergrounds/buses plus everyone speaks English here (their official languages are Dutch and French) so everything is super convenient here.

Brussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium

1. The GRAND PLACE (La Grand-Place)

The Grand Place is ranked the most beautiful square in the World and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site!  It is massive and is surrounded by guild halls and other important sites all around 360 degrees.

The Grand Palace Brussels
Brussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium

Me mesmerising the size and the beauty of this amazing World’s Heritage siteBrussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium

Brussels Town Hall in the Grand PlaceBrussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium

2. Manneken PIS

Apart from chocolate and waffles, Manneken Pis (the little sculpture of a boy peeing) is also one of the main symbols of Belgium! He can be found just 5 minutes walk down a road from the Grand Palace. Even though he’s very small but he’s not hard to find at all. He’s like a little celebrity where there are crowds gathering around him all the time so simply ask people or follow the crowds from Grand Palace and you’ll find him in no time! Beware there are many fake ones but the real one is quite small as a fountain on a wall with fences and crowds surrounded.

The original Manneken Pis one of the most famous sculptures in Belgium
Brussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium


I recommend The Waffle Factory or Maison Dandoy but any other waffle shops in Belgium will also provide you with one of the best waffles you will have in your life I promised! Their waffles are very crispy and taste so much better from other claimed ‘Belgian waffles’ I’ve tried in other countries. There are many branches around town and the nearest one is literally next to the Manneken Pis! 😀

The Belgian Waffles!Brussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium


This cathedral is located Southeast of Brussels (about 10 minutes walk from the Grand Place). It is so calm and peaceful here, perfect place to have a quick escape from the buzzing city center.

Church of Our Blessed Lady of The Sablon in BrusselsBrussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium

There is another landmark which I unfortunately didn’t know about its existence at the time –  the Atomium building and its design is impressive I recommend you should definitely visit it.

Also, from Brussels it is also very popular to take a day trip to Ghent and/or Bruges (both have lovely rivers running through the whole town). Both about an hour away from Brussels (Ghent and Bruges are 20 minutes away from each other). Many movies were filmed here so it’s worth checking them out!

Other than that I hoped you enjoy the post and see you again soon!

Go out and explore!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Brussels (Bruxelles) | Belgium