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Today I’m taking you to one of my most favourite cities in Europe — Paris, France.  It is known as the city of love, fashion, music and art for a reason. I totally fell in love with this place within my first hour here not even gonna lie. The people, the culture, the city, everything just felt so right here in Paris.

Paris is only about an hour away by train from Brussels. The main transportation in Paris is the underground which takes you literally anywhere in town. I suggest you to by a one-day travel card (or two or three) as you’ll be using it a lot.

Although I only have one full-day in Paris, I managed to visit many places I wanted to visit for a long time. Here is the  list what you can’t miss when you have a chance to visit Paris (in order of recommendations).

P.S. Since I travel alone here, portrait photos were either taken by fellow bypassers or my GoPro Hero4 Black, and the rest were all by my iPhone.

1. Musée du Louvre ( THE LOUVRE MUSUEM)

I suggest you make the Louvre Museum your first destination. The museum contains vast collections of treasures and masterpieces all in this one place. It’s not ranked no.1 World’s best museum for no reason apparently!

Paris | FranceThe main reason I suggested you to come here first is because there are usually long queues so try to come here by 8.30am (Although the opening hours is 9am to 6pm) to avoid long queues. And instead of using the main entrance at the pyramid, try to choose other other entrances if possible, such as the one underground that directly links to the subway.

Here is what it looks like once you entered the museum.Paris | France

The glass pyramids are one of the most prominent features of the Louvre Museum.
Paris | FranceWhenever you look out the window from the museum, chances are the pyramids are within your sight…
Paris | France

Here is what it looks like under one of the smaller pyramids.Paris | France

This museum is HUGE, I only spent 3-4 hours here. These are the main contents which are not-to-be-missed!

1.1 Aphrodite a.k.a. Venus de Milo
Paris | France1.2 Galerie d’Apollon
Paris | France

1.3 Appartements Napoléon IIIParis | France

1.4 Egyptian Antiquities
Paris | France

1.5 The Winged Victory of SamothraceParis | France

1.6 La Joconde (Mona Lisa)Paris | France

Tip: Don’t forget to look out the windows while walking around the museum from time to time. Here you can see the famous Love Lock Bridge.
Paris | France

..or even the Eiffel Tower further away in the distance.Paris | France

2. Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile (ARCH OF TRIUMPH OF THE STAR)

Arc de Trimphe is one of the most famous Paris landmarks. You can come here by either 30 minutes walk from the Louvre (easy straight path) or by subway.Paris | France

Here is an up-close view of the Arc de Triomphe.Paris | France

In case if you are wondering why I chose to walk here from the Louvre..

First you’ll pass Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel..Paris | France

..which is just outside the Louvre main entrance/exit (the glass pyramids).
Paris | FranceThis beautiful pond, the surrounding peaceful green areas..
Paris | France

..and the major public square Place de la Concorde straight ahead.Paris | France

Keep going straight follow this straight for another 15-20 minutes…and you’ll reach Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile in no time!Paris | France

3. Tour de Eiffel (EIFFEL TOWER)

It takes 20-30 minutes walk from Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile or via subway to reach the Eiffel Tower. This is magnificent and timeless masterpiece is no doubt no.1 landmark of Paris.Paris | France

The Eiffel Tower from the distant is so beautiful..
Paris | Franceand as so.. up-close..
Paris | FranceNo matter which angle you look at it, the Eiffel Tower is flawless..
Paris | France

It should be late very afternoon/evening by this time. If still have some time to spare, feel free to walk around here to enjoy The Eiffel Tower a bit more and don’t forget to treat yourself with a nice French Cuisine for dinner!

Did you know that only about an hour away from Paris is another one of the most popular destinations from Europe, the home to chocolate and the origin of waffles Belgium and the perfect place to start there is of course the capital Brussels!

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Merci et au revoir! (Thank you and goodbye!)

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

Paris | France