Welcome my third home in York, England!! (first one being Bangkok and second one is Christchurch, NZ). Not only it is the capital city of Yorkshire District, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in north eastern part of UK as it is only 20 minutes from Leeds, 2 hours from Manchester or London,  and 3 hours from Edinburgh.

York | Yorkshire | England
York | Yorkshire | England

York is considerably small so you can basically spend one day to see almost all the most important places.
Here are the top ten places you should visit in York. Ready.. set.. go!


Let’s start our day in the town centre. It’s pretty small but it is full of variety of shops and restaurants everywhere.

First things first here is a quick map of York. York | Yorkshire | England

York | Yorkshire | England

As you can see York is very small and everywhere on this map is all in a walking distance.


I suggest you to stop by this Teddy Bear Shop where you can create and customise your own teddy bears. This shop is very popular here in York.York | Yorkshire | England


Here you can take a tour to see how chocolate is made and you get some free chocolates along with the tour as well!York | Yorkshire | England


Another popular tourist attraction in York for those who are more adventurous and want to explore the darker side of York. Don’t get me wrong, the queue is really long even on the weekdays let alone on the weekends.York | Yorkshire | England


Founded in 1919, Betty’s is one of the most famous patisseries in Yorkshire. This place is most popular for its afternoon tea. York | Yorkshire | England Macaroons and tea bags are the most popular souvenir from Betty’s.
York | Yorkshire | England


This is arguably the oldest and the most famous alley in York.York | Yorkshire | England

This alley is very different from the rest of the town.
York | Yorkshire | England as it gives you this old and interesting medieval vibe.
York | Yorkshire | England


Clifford Tower is one of the most famous landmarks of York.
York | Yorkshire | England

You can climb up the top to get the wider view of the town.York | Yorkshire | England

Or enjoying the view from far away.York | Yorkshire | England


Located just below Clifford Tower, York Castle Museum is another not-to-be-missed attraction in York. It is a former prison but now is an open exhibition showcases various military and war antiques.
York | Yorkshire | England


River Ouse is the most well-known river in York due to its beauty..York | Yorkshire | England

If you have time please do try the river cruise. I promise you won’t regret it.York | Yorkshire | England


York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe. York | Yorkshire | England

This is what you sees first thing after you enter the building..York | Yorkshire | England

I can say that the interior of the church is breathtaking.York | Yorkshire | England

Everywhere you look you will find something new and interesting. Each part of this church has its own history and story behind it.York | Yorkshire | England Every area in this church is uniquely designed.
York | Yorkshire | England

Yes, even the ceilings and the windows.York | Yorkshire | England There is also an a big underground museum under the church so make sure you don’t miss it!
York | Yorkshire | England

There are services almost everyday so please feel free to come along but make sure to check the timetable beforehand.York | Yorkshire | England


Only 5 minutes walk from the York Minster you can reach this small garden where St Mary’s Abbey is located.York | Yorkshire | England This is one of the best place to avoid the crowd and have a quiet time for yourself.
York | Yorkshire | England


York City Walls run all the way around the city centre so it’s impossible to miss it. There are many stairs to go up these walls so don’t forget to go up there to enjoy the higher view of the town.York | Yorkshire | England


Another of my favourite place in York, National Rail Museum has gone far beyond my expectation than being just an average railway museum.York | Yorkshire | England

Only 15 minutes walk from the town centre, you can enjoy the museum which exhibits literally everything to do with train (and yes it’s totally free!)York | Yorkshire | England

From mini models to real life trains from all around the world, from World War II period to the modern era this museum has it all!York | Yorkshire | England

This is a real Shinkansen imported from Japan where you can go and have the full Japanese Shinkansen experience yourself!York | Yorkshire | England

There are also a full variety of trains from over around the world.York | Yorkshire | England

This place is perfect for anyone who loves anything to do with trains!York | Yorkshire | England

This area will make you feel like going back in time and explore the old Britain..
York | Yorkshire | England

This is a great way to spend few hours here it’s really worth it.York | Yorkshire | England


York | Yorkshire | England

If you have spare time, why not pay a visit to The University of York (it is only 20 minutes by bus no. 4, 44 and 6 from the town centre).York | Yorkshire | England

There are two main campuses Heslington West (main campus) and Heslington East (which is more new) but I guaranteed both are really worth the visit!York | Yorkshire | England The University of York is the home to hundreds of ducks and rabbits!
York | Yorkshire | England

We have a big lake in the middle of our campus so there are many these beautiful bridges around the campus.
York | Yorkshire | England

And this is Heslington East which has more green space and is a home to me (for the past three years) as well as a home to hundreds of rabbit and duck families.York | Yorkshire | England

This concludes the top ten list of places you should visit in York. I hope you enjoy this York adventure! However, this is not everything Yorkshire has to offer. Other nearby places such as Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay and Chatsworth House are something not-to-be-missed as well!

Happy exploring and stay awesome!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

York | Yorkshire | England