“Forget what you know about the normal and boring way of travelling and keep an eye out for Tripwire!”

Tripwire is a new and exciting upcoming app that is way more than just your average travel app – it is an online community and beyond. Tripwire will change everything you know of how you go and discover new things and inspirations, how you connect with other like-minded travellers, and how you collect and record memories and share them with the world.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a partner with Tripwire and got to have a first-hand on experience with the app. Here are some of the many features I really love about Tripwire that I think make Tripwire so special..

1. Path

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This feature allows users to plot the path of the cities they have been in the past or are/will be going to in the future and compare them with other Trippers. I find this feature very easy to use as I only have to enter city name and date and the rest will be done by the app. I love to see how the map comes alive little by little as paths are created and connected – and that I am able to see clearly how much I have travelled over the past few years and will do in the future this will really encourage myself to go out and explore more!

Moreover, there is an additional feature that allow me to store my memories by writing posts and/or by attaching photos to every destination on the route. I can also compare my route to other Trippers and see what memories have their left along their routes, seeking inspiration from their travels and apply to them to my own. Also, I like how I can receive notification if my paths cross with other Trippers in the future so that I can potentially connect with them.

2. Personalised Feeds

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This is a personalised LIVE feeds of travellers activity around you, you will be able to see what’s going on around you in real time. You can read reviews and feedbacks on each place/event from experienced by other Trippers. I find this feature surprisingly useful as most of the contents I find here are something that are not in normal guidebooks or travel websites. It really allows me to gain deep insights into each places which I really love and to be able to go off the beaten track to discover the less ‘touristy’ places and seek more of local secrets are something that I always wanted to do, Tripwire makes things much easier as everything is gathered in one place.

3. Pick Maps

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Pick Maps allows you to view all the weirdest and the most wonderful things to do around the globe at your fingertips. You can see all the Trippers’ Top Pick at each location of what to do, to eat, to see and much more! I find that Pick Maps can save me a considerable amount of time as it quickly allows me to do research whenever I go to new cities and see new things and tailor them to my interest very easily – I can even do it on the train or bus ride along the way within few minutes!

In addition to the Tripper’s Top Pick at each location I can also see the lists of users who are nearby on the app which makes it much easier to stay connected with other liked-minded travellers, follow them and see what they have done in the past few days at this specific location. This can be another way of saving me a lot of time from doing my research on each trip.

4. You get to be the contributor!

Tripwire let you write posts/reviews or even ask questions to the world as you please! Tripwire let us users to be contributors to this online community. You read other people posts – you get informed and inspired. You throw a question out there – people will respond to you in no time. You write a review of a place – people will like/comment and show their appreciation and be inspired. This interactive feature implies a strong sense of community which really stands out to me as it does not feel like you are using the app but you are connecting to a community of liked-minded people who share the same love and passion in travelling!

Here is me giving my favourite surfing spot Bournemouth Beach a review of 5 star..

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All in all, I really feel like Tripwire will soon quickly become every traveller’s best buddy that you and I or any travellers will never want to travel without! Tripwire can help ensure that we can the most out of every trip whether it be a day trip to nearby city or a few months long Europe inter-rail Tripwire got it all covered. Eventually, I believe that Tripwire will soon become a tool which provides a localised live feed of traveller activity at every hotspot around the globe. Tripwire will definitely be a game changer for the travel industry and rewrite how people travel and let us travellers – you and me – be the guide!

Tripwire is now available to download for free for iOS users here and for Android users (soon)! Also, please do head over to http://ontripwire.com/ to check out their website and show your social media love on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

P.S. You can connect with me via @grabmyhands on Tripwire App. 🙂

Let’s ‘take a walk on the wired side’ together!

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

The New Era of Social Travel – Introducing Tripwire (1)