GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary | www.grabmyhands.comHello and Welcome to Grab My Hands!

Founded on June 09, 2015, Grab My Hands is a little space where a rookie travel blogger and amateur photographer Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay), record and share his memorable experiences and incredible things from every little and big part of the world.

**As of March 11, 2016, Grab My Hands has expanded and established its aim to be Your Go-To Unextraordinary Blog Full of Endless Travel Stories, Tips, Advices, Dreams & Inspirations. Created with deep passion in living life to the fullest.

To me, Thailand, New Zealand and England are my home, however, you will find me running around everywhere around the world. I will always keep on walking, keep on running, keep on jumping, keep on posing for the camera, keep on being silly, keep on capturing perfect & imperfect moments and keep on finding incredible things to share with you all!

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Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)