For I do get asked quite a lot of questions via various social media platforms on a daily basis, I decided to collate and answer them here in one place!

Here are the Top 11 Questions I get asked the most about me and my blog since I founded Grab My Hands!


1. What is Grab My Hands Travel Blog?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

‘I created this little travel community in the hope of connecting with you.’

Grab My Hands Travel Blog is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while but I didn’t have enough courage, knowledge nor the time to do (in which now I do realised that they were merely bad excuses stopping me from starting to do anything).Thanks to the encouragement from my close friends and a big inspiration by Brooke Sawards and many YouTubers I am a big fan of, I have finally overcome these excuses and founded Grab My Hands Travel Blog on a nice and hot summer day from my dorm room at York, UK.

I created this little travel community in the hope of connecting with you, the one who share the same love and passion in travelling, seeing new sights and discovering new things – to connect, to inspire and to be inspired! 😀

2. Where are you from? Where is your home (because you seem to be everywhere lol)?

Bangkok, Thailand - A Guide To My Hometown | GRAB MY HANDS (1)

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand however both of my parents are almost 100% Chinese.

I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand when I was 14, lived there for 3 years. Then I cluelessly came to the UK when I was 17 for my degree (now I’m so glad that I did!).

3. Where are you currently living now?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

I am currently based in London, United Kingdom. And I’m madly in love with this city!

4. How many languages do you speak?

Singapore, Singapore - A Complete Guide to Singapore By Locals! Part 2 | GRAB MY HANDS (13)

‘Learning new languages have always been my passion since young age.’

The answer (for now) is 6 !! 😀 Learning new languages have always been my passion since young age. This is why I am native in Thai, fluent in English, proficient in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese and I am working hard towards my Spanish and Korean. I am planning to do Italian, Portugese, French, German, Russian some time in near future hopefully.

5. What is your niche/ preferred style of travelling?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

‘My niche/ travel style is geared towards backpacking, budget/solo travelling & photography.’

This varies from trip to trip, adventure to adventure, I usually go travelling with my few close friends. I also recently started to do a lot of solo travelling myself and I do go on trips with my family and close relatives once or twice a year.

I would say my niche/ travel style is geared towards backpacking, budget/solo travelling & photography, however I am by no means claimed myself to be an expert but I am very into photography especially landmarks, architectures and nature. On the other hand I tend to do less of, but still do sometimes of, luxury travel (I usually only do this once in a while with family).

6. Who take all the photos for you? What cameras do you use?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |
This really depends, if I go travel alone I tend to carry a small tripod in my bag so that can save me alot of problem but I still do ask a lot of fellow passbyers to take photos for me. If I go travel with my few close friends then we would take photos for each others.

I am currently using my current iPhone 6 for most photos & some extra attachable lenses. I do have an DLSR (Canon 550D) but I don’t really carry them if I go on big trips as I find it somewhat troublesome. I also use polaroid camera (Fuji Mini 90) for polaroid photos and GoPro Hero Black 4 for wide-angle/unique shots. If you would like to see more of my photos please check out me out on Instagram I do update it daily (or at least I try to do so).

7. How many countries have you visited?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

I was blessed enough to have been moving around plus had endless opportunities to go travel with my family since I was young age. I’m not sure the exact number countries I have been to but I have been to all 6 continents (apart from Antarctica), 25 countries and over 100 cities+ in the past 7-9 years alone.

8. What is your favourite city?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

Out of all the places I have been to, I must say I really love every single places as they are so different and each has something to offer, however, if I really have to pick I would say Queenstown in New Zealand as it has one of the most stunning nature views/landscapes on Earth. However, I do equally love Tokyo, Japan as I’m in love with Japanese culture (who doesn’t?). The two are very different and I do love them for different reasons and they are definitely my top two favourite cities in the world.

9. How come you have been to so many places at this young age?

‘That trip has changed my life forever, it has allowed me to see how small I am in this world and that there are so many more things I would never be able to see, feel and experience had I not travelled.’

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |
Well, I would give all the credit to my parents, they have always given me opportunities to travel since I was very young age. Starting from primary school we used to go on road trips around Thailand during holiday breaks to Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket etc., then to Hong Kong and other nearby neighbour countries such as Laos and Myanmar.

When I was 14 tagged along my dad to go on a big round-the-world trip to China, Germany, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Argentina and New Zealand in a month span. That trip has changed my life forever, it has allowed me to see how small I am in this world and that there are so many more things I would never be able to see, feel and experience had I not travelled.

The story continues, not long after my parents I came to study in New Zealand so I had the blessings to spend my next 3 years there. This is why I was able to go explore around New Zealand and Australia. Then about two summers later moving to NZ my mum surprised me with one of the greatest gift ever – a family trip to Egypt and Jordan, so South Africa was my 6th continent for me at the age of 16. I also do travel a lot to Japan, China and around Asia whenever I’m back home in Thailand.

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary | www.grabmyhands.comFast forward  bit few years later I’m 17, I got accepted to a university in the lovely northern Yorkshire of England at the University of York. This was another great blessing in my life as living in York really has really given me a great chance to explore Scotland and the Northern/Middle parts of England every so often. I am now living my life in London and continue travel around Europe and the rest of the world endlessly.

One of the main reasons I can afford to travel so much is because I normally do ‘travel cheap’. I save as much as I can on unnecessary costs for example I book and plan everything at least 3-6 months in advance. I choose to stay in hostels and transport with low-cost airlines/buses. I however do agree to pay for local foods (as long as they’re not too expensive) as I believe that food is one of the best ways to get the real exposure to the culture which I think that it can be really worthwhile.

10. Why do you travel?

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

“Travelling is in my blood and soul.”

Travelling is in my blood and soul since even before I even realised thanks to my parents who always support me in everything I do and what believe in. Travelling has allowed me to learn so much more about myself I believe that the experiences and friendships you gain from travelling are most valuable and they are something that you cannot buy elsewhere, this is why I take every opportunities I can to go travelling, to learn more about myself, to learn about the world and Grab My Hands travel blog is somewhere I would want to record and share this journey with you all.

11. How do we contact you?

Pattaya, Thailand - Thailand's No.1 Top Tourist Destination | GRAB MY HANDS (1)

If you have any further questions/enquiries or just want to chat please hit me up on any social media platforms preferably Facebook and Twitter or by email:

Thank you for all your time and for your interest in me and Grab My Hands. I really do appreciated it.

From me to you,

Kasidit Vongvatanapuntu (Kay)

GRAB MY HANDS | Travel Blog & Photo Diary |

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering where the above photos were taken..

Here’s a list of the places in order of appearance:

-Český Krumlov, Prague [Europe]

Bangkok, Thailand [Asia]

-London, United Kingdom [Europe]

Singapore, Singapore [Asia]

Whitby, United Kingdom [Europe]

-New York, USA [North America]

-Rio De Janeiro, Brazil [South America]

-Lake Takepo, New Zealand [Oceania]

-Petra, Jordan [South Africa]

-Akaroa, New Zealand [Oceania]

-Wuxi, China [Asia]

-New York, USA [North America]

-Düsseldorf, Germany [Europe]