This page is a resource hub where I gathered all the useful links containing useful information, tips and tricks for web developers, bloggers and anyone out there who may find this useful. Please note that many of the links will make sense to web developers or who have some expertise in the field only. **This page is updated regularly.

Front-End Web Development

How to Add Custom Fonts to WordPress:

Free Online Photo Editor (great for adding text over pictures): or I use Typomara App for smartphones.

Free/Cheap Themes and Plugins for Your Websites:

Back-End Web Development

Web Optimization

How To Speed Up Your Website:

Web Cache:

Content Delivery Network – CloudFlare:

Online Image Compressors: or I personally use Adobe Lightroom CC and iResize for Mac

Extremely helpful plugin to upload photos in bulk – Faster Image Insert Plugin

Web Hosting

How to Transfer Web Hosting Away from Bluehost (or any other similar web hosts):

Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



Yoast SEO (automatically create sitemap and add Facebook OpenGraph for your website):

Facebook Debugger (to immediately flush cache):

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress (to boost engagement):

Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough: